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Welcome Lucas Diesel Visit Our Premises
As we all know,Lucas Diesel Systems are a well-known global brand, with more than 21 offices around the world and universal presence.It belongs to the Z-TRW group, the largest manufacturer of spare parts for the automotive industry at the global level.Its products arise out of technical excellence and a spirit of innovation that has guaranteed Lucas ongoing international success.Its reputation is based on a wide product range, with exceptional durability and resistance.

In order to expand their business into China and other international market,in 23th,July,2018,Lucas sent a professional team to visit the premises of China Balin Power Co.,ltd,a global pioneer of overall solution in diesel systems.We exchanged the views on current diesel injection systems market situation and the future of common rail systems. And based on the "BASCOLIN" brand products with innovation, quality and reliability,Lucas team checked the samples online and expressed sincere admiration.Disclosure of more cooperation details will be executed later - Stay Tuned!