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Common Rail Nozzles
With the latest common rail diesel systems coming out,all the vehicles and motor manufacturer are transfering to the new developing of related products in order to stay close with the market.As the professional and old manufacturers with decades of producing and exporting experience for common rail nozzles,BASCOLIN common rail nozzles cover series of Siemens,Bosch,Denso,Delphi,application to Mercedes-Benz,Volvo, Isuzu, IVECO, MWM, Xichai, MAN, GM, YUCHAI, Cummins, JAMZ, Cursor,etc.
BASCOLIN nozzles for common rail injectors are featured as below:
1.Reliability passed standard of GB/T5772-2010、GB17691-2005、JB/T51184-2000
2.Performance test through EPS200、EPS708、EPS815
3.Quality level reach standard of Bosch,Denso,DELPHI
4.Control spraying accurate to reduce emission and fuel consumption
5.Flow volatility below 2%
6.Nozzle flow μ?≥ 0.8
7.Pressure ≥ 1400 bar
8.Meet standard of Euro Ⅲ、Euro Ⅳ

As long as you try our common rail parts,you will find the fuel injection are highly efficient and clean due to extremely short spraying distances and multiple injection.The engine is running smoothly with low consumption and emissions.What most important is that it will save a lot not only in your money changing or repairing your engine,but also your time by doing business with an reputable and reliable common rail systems suppliers.Your business experience could be rich after working with us.Trust us,you will benefit more.