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Delphi F3 Common Rail Systems
Regarding on common rail parts brand,the first one that occur to you might be BOSCH,BASCOLIN,DENSO,DELPHI,etc.But how about the common rail system in diesel engine?
Delphi introduced a new common rail system - F3 systems to fully comply with the increasingly stringent global emission standards to improve the engine injection performance.
Closed- Loop Control for lifetime performance
At the heart of the new common rail system is a ground-breaking injector that provides the control unit with real-time information on the operation of the injector. The system has no additional wires and requires no extra interfaces or packaging space. It's featured high precision and modular design that allow applications from 0.7 litres per cylinder up to 3.0 litres per cylinder and beyond.The injection speed of nozzle in the system is greatly increased, with 9 times of injection per cycle.
The nozzle is the core component of the diesel injection system.The F3 common rail injection system no longer needs to scan the nozzle's characteristic code during assembly.Because the information has been stored directly in the nozzle's memory and transmitted to the engine's electrical control unit.
The new nozzles in the system can keep the same performance as new after 1.6 million kilometers.Meanwhile Its structure is simple and do not require additional wiring or other accessories.
This common rail injection system can reduce fuel consumption by 1.5%.Simple structural design gives engine designers more flexibility in post-processing technology, potentially reducing the cost of the system, and reducing the amount of urea solution used in SCR technology, which is of great advantage for long-distance transportation trucks.