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Injector VS Nozzle
In real life,we usually could hear the words of "injector" and "nozzle".You might be confused if you are new in diesel injection system business.Today we will make a brief introduction for them.
Fuel injector (Pic 1 above) is composed of injector holder (nozzle holder) and nozzle while nozzle (Pic 2 below) usually called injection nozzle itself.In other words,nozzles,located the head of injector, also is the high precision core part of injector.It requires big dynamic flow range, anti-clogging and strong ability of anti pollution and also good atomization performance.
Injector is a crucial component in diesel injection system which control of fuel injection.if something wrong with it, the engine will have problems or immediately stop working.The fuel injector receives the injection pulse signal from the ECU (electronic control unit) to precisely control the fuel injection quantity.If fuel injector is installed on the inlet pipe of each cylinder, this form is called electronic control fuel injection device.
The fuel injector should be checked around 700h.If the opening pressure is lower than the preset value of 1Mpa or there is serious carbon accumulation in the head of needle valve,The needle valve shall be unloaded and put into the clean diesel oil to be hung out for carbon deposition,dredge the hole with steel wire and adjust after installation,The pressure difference of each cylinder of the same machine must be less than 1Mpa.
In order to make the diesel fuel injected into the cylinder of the injector can be fully burned in time, the oil supply time of the pump must be checked regularly.If the oil supply time is too early, the vehicle will be difficult to start and the fault of cylinder knocking. If it is too late, black smoke will appear in the exhaust.