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Needle Valve Stuck In Nozzle
As we know,nozzle is one vital precision component in diesel engine.Its quality could affect the engine performance a lot.But we can offen experienced that the needle valve is stuck insIde the nozzle.Today diesel injection specialist will tell you the reasons and solutions.
Why the need valve stuck?
1.The anti-rust oil is not cleaned when replacing the nozzle,resulting in the needle valve is glued at high temperature.
2.For the fitted nozzles,the grinding paste is not cleaned.
3.Without precipitation and filtration, diesel oil is directly added to the fuel tank. The impurities will come into the fuel injection nozzle through the high-pressure oil pipe and finally cause stuck in the needle valve
4.The damage of diesel filter, upper/lower sealing gasket or forget to install,then the impurities will go together with diesel oil to nozzle,bringing stuck of needle valve.
5.There is carbon between the needle valve body and the compression cap. After it rotates, the needle valve body is different from the compression cap. The needle valve is in an inclined state and cause stuck.
Solutions of needle valve stuck
1.Put the nozzle into the container with diesel oil.
2.Heat until the diesel oil comes to a boil and begins to smoke
3.Take the nozzle out
4.Attach it to the vise
5.Use a carp pliers (the nippers should be covered with copper or other soft stuffs) to hold the needle valve and pull it out forcefully
6.Rotate while pulling
7.The injector nozzle needle valve can be pulled out after repeated times
Usage of new nozzle
If the needle valve is still stuck after operations above,you need to consider replacing new one.Here genuine BASCOLIN brand nozzle is highly recommended due to its outstanding performance.
In order to prevent the problems above,you need to follow the right and standard instructions.
1.Put the new nozzle into  70 ~ 80 ℃ oil to cook for about 10 mins.
2.Take it out
3.Put into the clean diesel for needle valve back and forth twitches 
Tips:When cleaning needle valve accessories,other hard objects is not allowed to collision in order to prevent scratching the guide surface of needle valve .