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What's QR Code in Common rail injector?
injector qr code
What's QR Code?
There are lots of common rail injectors in the market with a series of numeric and alphabetic codes (or QR codes, IMA codes, and so on).Such as 16 codes for Delphi 3301D,20 codes for 5301D,30 codes for DENSO 6222 and 7 codes for 0445110317,0445110293,etc.

What's QR Code Function?
According to this code, ECU gives an offset signal to the injector under different working conditions to improve its calibration accuracy.The QR code contains correction data from the common rail injector, which is written into the engine controller.It greatly increases the number of correction points of fuel injection, thus greatly improving the injection accuracy. In fact, the essence is to correct the error in hardware manufacturing by means of software.Machining error is unavoidable in manufacturing, resulting in the error of fuel injection quantity at each working point of finished injector.If machining methods are used to correct errors, it will inevitably lead to increased costs and decreased production.
QR code technology is to take advantage of the inherent natural advantages of euro iii electronic control technology, and use QR code to write ECU to reach the pulse width of fuel injection at each working point of the fuel injector, and finally achieve the consistency of all fuel injection parameters of the engine.It assures the working consistency of each cylinder in the engine and also help the reduction of emission.
2.Benefits of QR
It is well known that the maintenance of the injector contains:
(1)Adjust the thickness of each shim
(2)Adjust the injector power time.
The adjustment of QR code to the fuel injector is done by changing the length of the electrical signal.Different from our adjustment of internal gasket or shims, for some injectors that are qualified but not very accurate in adjustment, we can make a new QR code to fine-tune the injection quantity, so as to make the injection quantity of each cylinder more balanced.For some inconsistencies in the amount of injection, it is inevitable that the engine power is insufficient, or the failure occurs such as the occurrence of black smoke, increased fuel consumption and partial heat load of the engine.Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the correction of QR code in the maintenance of euro iii electronic diesel engine.When replacing a new BASCOLIN brand common rail injectors, professional equipment must be used to write QR codes.While if you replace a old injector,there is no need to replace anything.You only need to use the professional equipment to generate new QR code and solve the black smoke through ECU input by decoder.