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  • 7185-913L
  • 7185-913L
HEAD ROTOR 7185-913L
Name: Head Rotor
DELPHI No.: 7185-913L
Cross No.: 7185913L
Origin: China
Type: Aftermarket
BASCOLIN covers a full range of original equipment (OE) standard Head Rotor for all of the major manufacturers (BOSCH,DENSO,ZEXEL,DELPHI),offering the most fantastic performance for your vehicle engines.And you could easily find the right one because we are professional in production and expert to answer all the technical deails

BASCOLIN Head And Rotor are featured:
Premium material and technolog assure the quality
100% tested to the extreme in the end of line
Covers more than 300 part number
Innovation in technology results in the ability of OEM

We make the difference
In pursuit of performance of your agricultural tractors, forklifts,cars,buses,excavators,minibuses,trucks,engineering machines and power generators,head rotor are exceptionally important.In the production stage,the usage of on-site heat treatment, metal plating, foundry and forge divisions assure the accurate tolerances.It helps us to guarantee the stability and reliability in all conditions.Meanwhile all the head and rotor are precisely manufactured to original equipment (OE) standard and thoroughly test,examine to the extreme.

Test and examine takes place in the end of line which assure the premium-quality and excellent performance in its entire service life.It builds your reputation that you are dealing with BASCOLIN brand head rotor in highest quality standard.

Types of Head Rotor
With decades of production and development,BASCOLIN head rotor have covered various application in the market which could meet specific requirements.

The two basic types are VE and DP which includes DPA,DPS,DP200,VRZ

You can find out more details of head rotor by selecting the related vehicle and models online.
Rotor No. 326L
Sleeve No. 868
Barrel No. 895
Cylinder No. 3
Dia meter (mm) 7
Rotation Right
Type: DP200

Premium raw material selected
The first step in quality control is always the material control which includes selection,storage, handling,and testing.It could influence the performance of the head rotor and your reputation somehow.So we build strictly control system consisting of acceptance inspections and testing.

By cooperating with brand material manufacturers certified,we adopt ball bearing steels for VE series head rotor and die steel for DP series ones.

Laboratory QC
Quality Control (QC) refers to procedures for monitoring work processes,detecting problems and making corrections prior to delivery of products or services.With the ambition of zero defect & perfect head rotor introduced to the market,Laboratory QC are conducted strictly in our company.

Caution are exercised by laboratory personnel, ensuring that patient test results reported.It is also one of the reasons why BASCOLIN ve pump parts are so popular, enabling us to deliver better performance for all of our customers worldwide.

BASCOLIN - No.1 in China
Thanks to reliability and stability,we offer outstanding performance head rotor in the engine.Now we are familiar by many brand manufacturers overseas and become their long-term parter.We will always stay ahead in the market by constantly striving to improve our products to the original equipment (OE) standard.

All BASCOLIN head rotor offer one year warranty.
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