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BOSCH Common Rail System
As emissions standards become more strict,high pressure common rail system is used to increase fuel injection pressure to achieve cleaner exhaust emissions.In China,BOSCH,DENSO and Delphi are the three main supplier in the field of common rail systems.Today we will make a brief introudction for BOSCH Common rail system first.
BOSCH common rail system
bosch common rail system
Bosch,a familar name worldwide in automobile industry.In 2004,Bosch and wuxi weifu group co., LTD jointly invested and established Bosch automotive diesel system co., LTD.
The new company is  engaged in the production of high-pressure diesel injection system.The main products include nozzles, P series  / S series injector assemblies, and common rail injectors for high pressure diesel injection systems.The number and variety of products will continue to increase as the demand in the Chinese market increases.
BOSCH System's advantage
The common rail fuel injection system for passenger cars was introduced for the first time by BOSCH in 1997.In 2000, the company began mass production of the second-generation injection system, with the maximum system pressure increased by 1600bar, and began to use the high-pressure pump with oil regulating function, improved solenoid valve injector and multiple injection.In May 2003, Bosch began mass production of the third-generation compact piezoelectric direct-controlled fuel injector common-rail fuel injection system, which meets euro 4 emission standards for heavy-duty vehicles at 160MPa system pressure and without exhaust aftertreatment.
In the old times, the pressure of common rail injection did not exceed 800 to 1000bar.BOSCH's first-generation common rail system has an injection pressure of 1,350 bar, the second-generation has 1,600 bar, the third-generation has 1,800 bar, and the fourth-generation will have an injection pressure of 2,200 bar.It is generally believed that the higher the injection pressure, the better the fuel economy and emission.
In the next artilce,we will talk about the DENSO and Delphi common rail system.