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Do You Really Know Spacer In Common Rail Injector
For some repair shops,it's not easy to repair the engine with common rail system.They look very complicated.But the fact is that problem comes from their non-standard maintenance.
common rail injector spacer
As we all know,injector plays an important role of injecting fuel into the cylinder.Subjected to high temperatures and pressures,its sealing become so important that engine may fail to work if hot gas leak out of the gap between the injector and the cylinder head.Therefore you could see the copper seal washer (spacer/gasket) installed in the injector.The spacer seems no technical content.But actually it has strictly requirement on thickness.And repeat using is not allowed.If you buy original BASCOLIN brand injector spacers,you will be advised that it's only single-use.
In order for good sealing performance, seal ring is usually made of copper material, soft texture.For repeated using,it will become thinner gradually, resulting in the injector head protruding and cylinder head height become too large.Finally the fuel spray from the injector does not match the combustion chamber, resulting in insufficient combustion and deterioration of engine performance.
Tips:If you disassembly the common rail injector,please don't forget to replace the copper seal washer with new one.Second you should check the number you are using.Because different engine and injector requires different spacers.
If you have any requirement or doubt on common rail spare parts,BASCOLIN offer overall solution.