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How common rail injector works?
Common rail injector is an vital component in diesel engine which directly affect its power,efficiency,emission and reliability.
Injector has a certain injection pressure.When it needs to stop the injection oil,it could quickly cut off the fuel supply without dripping oil.The precision components in the common rail injector is lubricated by diesel.If water enters into the system, it will cause parts corrosion or poor lubrication and other problems.
So do you know how common rail injector work actually?
1.The fuel passes through the hole in the needle valve body and is poured into the high-pressure oil gun installed above the needle valve seat in the nozzle.
common rail injectors
2.The fuel pressure in the injection pipe acts on the cone surface of the needle valve. The pressure increases until the needle valve is lifted from the seat by overcoming the spring pressure. High-pressure fuel is atomized into the engine at a high speed.
common rail injectors
3.Fuel injection pump transmission has been completed in the cone pressure drop, and spring force to push the needle valve seat, resulting in cut off the power of the fuel engine.
common rail injectors
4. Common rail injector is cooled and lubricated by part of the fuel cool and flow back to the tubing, and finally to the tank.
common rail injectors