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40 Years of Reform and Opening-up,Thank You !
In October 1978,Deng Xiaoping,China's late paramount leader,visited the steel, automobile and electronic factories in Japan and is highly impressed by them.So he he convened the third plenary session of the Communist Party's 11th Central Committee immediately when he returned.The "reform and opening up" policy was brought up in that pivotal meeting.It not only changed people's lives across the country,but also hundreds of thousands of companys,including China Balin Power Co.,Ltd.
Reform and Opening-up
In the past,most of the diesel technology and even engine,spare parts and have to be imported from developed countries,like Germany,Japan,USA.Foreign enterprises firmly occupy the domestic market with more control over sale prices.Chinese diesel injection system companys almost had no experience to draw lessons from at the beginning.Thanks to the 40 Years of Reform and Opening-up process,we transform from digestion and absorption of imported technologies to independent research and development.Meanwhile we do more better in quality control and after-sale service.
Now we not only have a say in traditional diesel injection system,but also catching up with many top brand companys in common rail systems,such as BOSCH,DENSO,ZEXEL,DELPHI.
Being a global pioneer of overall solution in diesel systems,China Balin Power Co.,Ltd benefits a lot from the "Reform and Opening-up".
We were offering the three couples components (Nozzle,Plunger,D.Valve) in diesel engine.Now we offer the complete solution of diesel systems.
We were familar only by domestic wholesalers,resellers of diesel parts.Now we are well-known to many top companys and importers in various countries and regions.
Here we thank you again "40 Years of Reform and Opening-up".