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How many trusted brands of fuel injection nozzles?
injector nozzle
With function of injecting fuel into the combustion chamber in the form of spray droplets with diameters ranging from 20 to 100 microns,fuel injector nozzle can be thought of the "heart" of the engine.Its quality could affect the entire performance and emissions of the diesel engine.So choosing the right and best injector nozzle becomes necessary.Today we will introduce some trusted brands in the OE and After market.
bosch nozzle
1. BOSCH Nozzle from Germany
In diesel fuel injection systems,Bosch is a well recognized brand due to its superior performance and durability.The bosch injector nozzle specifications are manufactured to original equipment standard to meet the emission requirements.
BOSCH nozzles include 10 digits in format "X XXX XXX XXX" and usually starts from number "0".Such as 0 433 271 159.Sometimes we can judge the BOSCH brand from this numbers. 
denso nozzle
2.DENSO nozzle from Japan 
Located in the city of Kariya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan,DENSO Corporation is one of the true innovators in electronic fuel injection technology.It was called Nippon Denso Co. Ltd before independent from Toyota Motors.
DENSO injector nozzle is manufactured for exacting precision and durability,providing superior atomization for improved engine efficiency.And thanks to its accuracy,it becomes first choice of a number of nozzle tip distributors,retailers and technicians.So we can also see DENSO nozzles dealers here and there worldwide.
delphi nozzle
3.Delphi Nozzles from USA
As a leading global automotive emissions, fuel economy and aftermarket solutions provider,Delphi is preferred by lots of diesel engine manufacturers and award by "Best Supplier" and "Supplier Excellence".
Delphi nozzles is engineered for original equipment specifications to deliver a long, reliable service life for consistently superior diesel engine performance.Delphi injector nozzle adopt the latest technology for better fuel efficiency,resulting in reducing the risk of harmful fuel deposits.
Supported by continuous innovation,Delphi brand nozzle could be also a nice choice for you.
bascolin nozzle
4.BASCOLIN nozzle in China
BASCOLIN brand are designed to withstand most rigorous emissions requirements in the world.It's so accurate that it can deliver precisely the right quantity of fuel at exactly the right instant, thousands of times per minute, or performance, economy, and engine smoothness will suffer.
As a global pioneer of overall solution in diesel system,BASCOLIN brand injector nozzle take the responsibilities to provide optimum power to the diesel engine with minimum emissions.Every pieces is tested to assure maximum durability.
Compared the top 3 brand diesel injector nozzle above,BASCOLIN brand is always treated to the right choice of their replacements.Find BASCOLIN nozzle catalogue,click here.