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High Pressure Common Rail System
What's High pressure Common Rail System?
Just as its name implies,it's a system instead of a single component,which is composed of electronic control unit (ECU),high pressure pump,a rail and injectors.
High pressure refers to the fuel injection system pressure is three times higher than that of traditional diesel engine, and the maximum pressure could reach up to 200MPa (while the fuel injection pressure of traditional diesel engine is 60-70mpa).With higher pressure and better atomization,it could improve the power and achieving the goal of fuel saving.
Common rail refers to supply oil to each nozzle at the same time.ECU accurately calculated the fuel injection quantity and supply the the same quality and pressure to make the engine run more smoothly,leading to optimize the comprehensive performance of the diesel engine.
What's the common rail function?
The High-pressure pump acts the function to transfer high-pressure fuel to the rail.Through the oil pressure in the rail, accurate control can be achieved so that the pressure of the high-pressure oil pipe is independent of the engine speed,resulting in better efficiency and lower emissions.
What's Common Rail direct injection advantage?
As a direct fuel injection systems for diesel engine,common rail direct fuel injection are equipped with electronic control module which a number of sensors could send feedback signals to.So that it can precisely controlling the injection timing, fuel atomization, and other parameters.
Compared to the traditional diesel injection system,it could offer exceptionally low CO2 and NOx emissions.