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Standard maintenance of DENSO common rail injectors
Nowadays DENSO common rail injector is hot in the market while is also hard to maintenance.It has relatively high requirements on maintenance technical and environment,resulting in maintenance in many repair shops are unsatisfactory and bringing losses to the car owners.Today pioneer of overall solution in common rail system will share the standard maintenance as below:
common rail injectors
1.1 Visually check the appearance of the injector to see whether the parts are complete,the injector assembly has been disassembled, and the body is severely worn or not.
1.2 Then use a multimeter to test the solenoid valve,put the two pens of the multimeter on the two terminals of the solenoid valve, and see if they are connected.
common rail injectors
(2)External cleaning
common rail injectors
2.1 Remove o-ring and gasket first
2.2 Block the oil hole, to prevent phosphorous water from going into the nozzle and corrode nozzle, 
2.3 Use the appropriate cleaner and soft brush to clean surface, because it is thinner than hair, so do not use wire brush, otherwise the nozzle will be damaged.
common rail injectors
In order to thoroughly clean the injector, it is necessary to use a 70c phosphorus-free cleaner after hand washing, and soak it with ultrasonic wave for 20 minutes.
(3)Rapid detection
common rail injectors
We can use BOSCH EPS200 to check leakage and oil return amount of the injector.Fuel injection amount under various working conditions could be also determined.
common rail injectors
Because the standard pressure of the nozzle is about 1600 atmospheres,it is necessary to cover the protective cover of the instrument to avoid accidents.
(4)Disassembly the parts
common rail injectors
4.1 Fix the injector vertically in the removable compression device
4.2 Remove nozzle and solenoid valve
(Pay attention to the installation direction of terminal post.It's better to make a mark)
4.3 Disassembly  valve fastening screws,common rail control valve,seal rings in turn
(5)Internal parts cleaning
common rail injectors
Clean the parts disassembled with a 70 degree cleanser and soak for 15 minutes with ultrasound
After the completion of cleaning, the first step is to to evaluate the parts.For those unqualified parts,we need to replace the original equipment standard parts,like BASCOLIN brand common rail nozzles & control valves.
(7)Component assembly
All parts to be assembled must be blow-dried by clean compressed air before entering the assembly workshop through a clean passage.
In the workshop with advanced dust-free wall and air evolution, we need to use the assembly adjustment tool group in the basis of the assembly process, selecting the appropriate adjustment pad, and adjusting the mechanical structure of the injector to the requirements of the specification
(8)Injector test
The Bosch EPS815 or EPS708 can be used to test whether the performance of the injector meets the original standard.Only qualitied parts could be forward to the customers.
Qualified injectors to meet the following standards:
1.No damage on appearance
2.Internally worn parts have been replaced
3.The mechanical structure is precision adjusted
4.Pass the hydraulic test conforming to the OE standard