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Three Common Diesel Engine Problems
High Pressure pump,one of the most vital component in diesel engine,is called as its engine heart.It takes the function of providing high-pressure diesel fuel for injector in time and quantity.Once the fault of the high pressure pump occurs, it will directly affect the working performance of the diesel engine.So if there is something wrong with the diesel engine,we need to check the high pressure pumps first.Today we will show you three common faults in diesel engine and its solutions.
(1)Diesel engine fails to start
The reason why the diesel engine can't start is that the low pressure oil circuit can't supply oil to the high pressure pump.
1.1 Air in the oil path prevents the fuel from entering the supply chamber of the high-pressure pump.This is a normal phenomenon for long standing diesel engines.The solution is to loosen the high pressure oil pump gas screw,transfer the oil to pump through hand pump,clean the air out then tighten the gas screw.If it does not work, you can first loosen the filter of the tubing joint to vent, and then vent screw exhaust.
1.2 The low pressure oil circuit is blocked, resultinig in no oil in the low pressure oil cavity of the high pressure pump.Because there are feed pump filter and the filter element,the reason locates on dirt,which is a normal change of technical condition.As long as it's found, it should be removed or replaced immediately.
1.3 Low pressure feed pump cannot supply oil to high pressure pump.There are many reasons which can cause the problem,including feed pump piston wear or damage,spring damage,etc.
1.4 Serious leakage occurs in the oil pipeline or its connection to the high-pressure oil pump.You can check whether the tubing joint is loose or the tubing is damaged and make the related solution.
(2) No Power
It is mainly due to the insufficient oil supply from the high-pressure oil pump
2.1 The oil transfered by feed pump is insufficient to the high pressure oil pump.The reasons might be The reason is the feed pump piston excessive wear or check valve deformation.Check them and replace if necessary.
2.2 The fuel supplied by high-pressure pump to the injector is insufficient.Its reason is  the wear of the plunger couple, plunger or fracture and poor sealing of delivery valve,etc.If you find these problems,we advise you to replace the new and original BASCOLIN brand plunger which premium quality is guaranteed.
(3) Diesel engine hunting 
The fault of diesel engine hunting is mainly caused by the uneven oil supply to each cylinder by the high-pressure pump or the abnormal operation of the governor.
3.1 The uneven oil supply of each cylinder exceeds the standard.nder idling condition, the unevenness of each cylinder can not exceed the specified range (generally 12%).Or hunting might happen.If necessary, the oil supply ishould be adjusted in the diesel pump test bench.
3.2 The pressure difference of each cylinder is too large and the atomization is uneven,resulting in unstable speed of the diesel engine.At this moment, we can adjust the injection pressure to improve the atomization quality and assure cylinder pressure deviation is within the allowable range.
3.3 Transmission and connection wear of high pressure oil pump governor.
3.4 Improper idle adjustment.The lower the speed, the greater the fuel supply uniformity.So for low idle,it's more easy to hunting happening.